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How do I get started? Is my phone compatible with eSIM? Can I use my SIM card and Pocket Roam eSIM at the same time? Can I hotspot with my eSIM?

Embrace Digital Transformation and Reduce Plastic Waste!

🌍 Did You Know?

In 2021 alone, over 4.3 billion SIM cards were shipped worldwide, contributing to more than 560,000 tons of CO₂ emissions and 18,000 tons of plastic waste.

Environmental Benefits of eSIMs

Less Plastic, Less Waste

Fewer SIM cards mean less plastic waste, reducing the strain on waste management systems.

Minimal Manufacturing

By opting for digital products, we eliminate the need for manufacturing physical SIM cards and packaging.

Efficient Distribution

Digital distribution of eSIM profiles significantly reduces the logistics and energy consumption involved in distributing physical SIM cards.