About Us

Who We Are

Meet the Pocket Roam crew! We're your new travel sidekick for world-class, hassle-free global connectivity. We're a spirited team from Australia, a mix of tech enthusiasts and avid travelers. Our dream? To change the game in global roaming—making it easy, eco-friendly, and accessible to all.

How It Started

We have all had our share of travel data woes, from running out of data mid-trip to eye-watering roaming charges or losing that little clip to pop open the SIM tray. Trust us when we say we understand. It was during one of our trips abroad that we discovered the wonders of eSIM technology. It was a revelation that highlighted the outdated complications of traditional mobile connectivity, sparking a moment of clarity and inspiration to innovate.

Fast forward to today, and Pocket Roam has emerged from that vision. We're here to democratize eSIM technology for Australian travelers, making it as straightforward and accessible as a physical SIM card, but without the bulk and limitations. Pocket Roam isn't just a service—it's a solution designed for the modern traveler, embodying convenience, affordability, and sustainability.